Private development


Each project begins with a beautiful meeting… a dialogue. To dive into a new universe… to feel the expectations, the demand, and therefore to transform them into a personal, unique, custom made, and possibly hand made atmosphere.

In order to materialize it, we use:

  • The color board : made of mood boards, dominant colors, forms and lights;
  • The sketchbook : which defines the volumes, spaces, proportions and main architecture ideas;
  • The texture board : with final choices and perspectives to synthetize the project;

Therefore, these researches for colors, lights, forms and textures create a perfect equilibrium.

The Yann Montfort agency advices its clients all along their projects in France as well as abroad.

  • Interior layout and decoration for villa.
  • High-class contemporary apartments.
  • Headquarters offices.

The agency’s role is to counsel and support you, from the conception of your project to the realization.